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31 October 2014 
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Welcome to Current Controlled Trials

Current Controlled Trials allows users to search, register and share information about clinical trials. Access to all the information on this site is free; charges for the registration services offered by Current Controlled Trials are available on request. Publication services are also available via the range of open access peer-reviewed journals published by our sister company, BioMed Central.

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Latest ISRCTNs assigned (Total: 12936)
29 October 2014: ISRCTN67427351 - Effectiveness of regular weighing and feedback by community midwives in preventing excessive gestational weight gain: randomised controlled trial. (POPS 2)
29 October 2014: ISRCTN95282830 - The ACORN study: Coping and Relaxation in Pregnancy
29 October 2014: ISRCTN40319192 - Adaptive study of IL-2 dose frequency on regulatory T cells in type 1 diabetes (DILfrequency)
29 October 2014: ISRCTN44480072 - An investigation into the barrier function and barrier forming proteins of the skin in polymorphic light eruption
29 October 2014: ISRCTN56523019 - The feasibility of undertaking Appendicectomy to impact upon the Clinical Course of UlceRativE Colitis - The ACCURE Trial Feasibility Study

Latest papers citing ISRCTNs in PubMed
15 January 2015: Food Chem. Effects of functional olive oil enriched with its own phenolic compounds on endothelial function in hypertensive patients. A randomised controlled trial.
[ISRCTN03450153] [PubMed]
23 October 2014: N. Engl. J. Med. High-dose rifapentine with moxifloxacin for pulmonary tuberculosis.
[ISRCTN44153044] [PubMed]
07 October 2014: Trials. Effects of varenicline and cognitive bias modification on neural response to smoking-related cues: study protocol for a randomized controlled study.
[ISRCTN65690030] [PubMed]
03 October 2014: BMC Cardiovasc Disord. Impact of psychosocial factors on cardiovascular morbimortality: a prospective cohort study.
[ISRCTN35739639] [PubMed]
02 October 2014: BMC Cancer. Dose-intense capecitabine, oxaliplatin and bevacizumab as first line treatment for metastatic, unresectable colorectal cancer: a multi-centre phase II study.
[ISRCTN41540878] [PubMed]
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